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The haul out leader will appoint one experienced person to control the winches, which must be attended at all times lest there be the need for an emergency stop.
A second person is best positioned to relay instructions from the boat especially if there is not a clear line of sight to the winch shed. A team member is positioned to warn the public and keep them in a safe place when a haul out or launch is taking place.

Before using the wire winches the emergency cut out switch connected to the rope around the outside of the winch area should be tested to ensure it is in good working order. As the wire winds in, if necessary, it can be guided near the winch with a wooden stave so that it feeds evenly onto the drum. NEVER USE YOUR FOOT!

Used oil is applied periodically with the mop to the wire on the drum to preserve it.
The boat haul down wire which is always used (not the rope) is wound back onto the drum at the end of the work. The haul up wire should be disconnected from the trolley and wound back up to the winch drum. This is for two reasons – one less thing to trip over and to preserve the spliced loop in the end of the wire. The loop should be kept oiled. Beware wire or rope under load. Don’t absent-mindedly stand near or even worse astride the winch wire or rope under load.

The chances of a failure of a shackle, wire or rope is small but would be unpleasant if it happened.
Also much energy can build up when tailing on the rope winch, don’t suddenly let go of the rope if under load because it will whip towards the winch. Could be dangerous!

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