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During a haul out motoring into and positioning a boat in the cradle correctly is important to avoid dangerous situations when hauled onto the hardstand. Crew must adjust the lashing lines so that the boat settles centrally and upright onto the cradle as the haul out proceeds. The diagram shows a bird’s eye view of the cradle arms alongside the hull and the approximate position of a mast and two winches further aft.

Lashings from for’ard cradle arms are usually made to the mast base or strong cleats. When hauling a boat for the first time it is best to mark on the decks where cradle arms will be positioned as the boat comes into the correct position in the cradle. Masking tape is ideal.

For’ard arms should be reasonably tight to the hull, 100mm or less gap is best.

Aft cradle arms should be set to allow passage of the maximum beam of the boat (usually at the sheer line) plus 100 mm each side. Lashings are usually made to winches or cleats.

When hauling out, once the boat is grounded firmly in the cradle, wedges should be placed between the hull and cradle arms and lashed in place so that they will not later fall out.

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