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Facilities are available for hauling out and re-launching boats up to 10 meters in length.

Boats up to 12 meters may be hauled at Haul Out Officers discretion provided our equipment can safely manage the operations.

Some club cradles are available for use  – see Haul Out officer or Club Captain.

If you wish to haul your boat out at the facility you must make yourself available for the Haul out roster to help with other members boats.

This rotational haul-out schedule means you will be rostered on approx. every 5-6 weeks for a Saturday or Sunday 2-4 hours around the high tide.

You will be required to be present and assist in the work of hauling out, moving and re-launching your boat. Haul outs and launchings are mainly from autumn through to spring, 

Note: New member’s boat will not be hauled out during the first six months of membership whilst the new member actively participates and familiarises themselves with work and procedures at the club.

A public walkway passes around and also through part of the hardstand area.  It is very important when working there for members to keep the area tidy and do not inconvenience passers by in any way.

Health and Safety

In line with Yachting New Zealand’s advice to all boat clubs with regard to the current Health and Safety at work Act, Shelly Park Cruising Club has reviewed it’s risk assessment, management systems, documentation and policies.

All club members have a responsibility to ensure that their actions or inactions can cause no harm or injury to other club members or to members of the public passing by through the area. The notes in this section are to give guidance regarding safe procedures and possible risks.

Full details click here

Cradle arm adjustment

The cradle must be adjusted to fit the boat properly. The forward arms can be set close to the width of the boat. If the forward arms are set to the beam of the boat at the correct distance from the bow of the boat, you can drive the boat into the cradle and when it stops it is in the correct place on the cradle fore and aft. The after arms generally need clearance on the maximum beam. Don’t forget to take the measurements at the right height. Make sure the cradle arms are set up at the same distance from the centreline of the cradle on each side, so that the boat ends up centred over the cradle.

The draft of the boat should be clearly marked on the cradle where the shore crew can see them, so that the cradle can be taken down the rails to the point where the boat just floats in with minimal clearance . This makes it simpler to get the boat into the cradle, particularly if the cradle arms are not vertical. Write the dimensions down for future use, so that you don’t have to measure it each time you haulout.

Any wedges or timber packing must be tied securely to the cradle arms as when the boats are moving or being jacked loose wedges often fall out and could cause serious injury. Those working around the boats should be wearing the hard hats provided. Ropes can be used to secure the boat in the cradle initially but note flat bar braces to the cradle arms are not strong in compression.

Work Progress

The hardstand should not be treated as cheap storage. Please do not ask to be hauled until you are genuinely ready to work steadily on your boat as it ties up cradles and space, unfair to your fellow members who may be held up. The club keeps the hardstand fees as low as possible but note the doubling of the initial rate at 2 months and that penalty rates apply after 6 months.

Removal of Marine Fouling

Prior to your boat being hauled out, the hull should be cleaned of marine bio fouling in accordance with the Auckland Council rules. You can read the Council rules in the link below. If the cleaning is carried out on the grid, it is a good opportunity to check the dimensions of the boat to allow the cradle to be adjusted to suit your boat.

Hulls are not to be cleaned whilst the boat is on the haulout trolley nearing the high tide mark.

Wet sanding is not allowed on the hardstand.

All coatings, fibreglass, fillers and other by products from repair and maintenance of vessels must be contained and disposed of in accordance with Auckland Council rules and guidelines.

An industrial vacuum is available in the workshop and can be connected to scrapers and sanders.

IMPORTANT – New Marine bio security & anti fouling Rules

The Auckland Council PDF documents below are a MUST read for all Club Members and boat owners wishing to haul out at SPCC facility.

Review before Booking a Haul-out or Grid

Haulout Download Forms: (word doc)
Please download & Save these to your PC to enable form editing

Haulout Agreement
Terms & Conditions

SPCC Cradle Register:

  • View excel Cradles and appropriate boat sizings – click here
  • View onedrive Cradle pictures & images – click here

Haul-out or Grid Booking

Please read this page for full details and terms and conditions on SPCC Haul-outs

Book Your Haul-out or Grid Space

Daily hardstand charges      Monohull       Multihull
Up to 1 calendar month         $2.50               $3.20

From the start of the 2nd month to the end
of the 3rd month –                  $5.00              $6.50

From the start of the 4th month to the end
of the 6th month –                  $10.00              $13.00

After 6 months                      $20.00            $26.00


Haul-out charges                Haul-out       Re-Launch
Boats up to 8m                      $31.25            $31.25
Boats up to 9m                      $37.50            $37.50
Boats up to 10m                    $43.75            $43.75
Boats up to 11m                    $50.00            $50.00
Boats up to 12m                    $56.25            $56.25


Grid wash down use is FREE to SPCC Club Members

Note: The hardstand and the club cradles are intended to be available to members for reasonable seasonal maintenance to be carried out expeditiously with regard to the needs of other members who may also want to use the facilities / cradles.

A schedule of intended work and estimated duration of stay must be provided to the haul out controller prior to haul out.

If it is discovered that additional work is required that may extend the duration of the hardstand stay, the haul out controller must be advised before the additional work is commenced, so that the Committee has the option of requiring the vessel to be relaunched if the Committee considers that the additional work will cause the vessel to occupy the hardstand longer than is fair to other members who may require the space, or to neighbours.

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