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Fire Procedures – In the event of a fire, members are advised to:

1. Dial 111 and ask for the Fire Service

2. For non-electrical fires, a high pressure salt water hose is available on site

Note: the nearest Fire Station is at Highland Park, with a driving time of 4 minutes.
Due to our “down the hill location” the Fire Service response time is expected to be approximately 15 minutes.

Medical assistance – Medical assistance can be sought from:

  • St Johns Ambulance: Dial 111, ask for Ambulance Service

Harbour Master Phone (09) 362 0397

Auckland Coastguard Freephone: 0800 BOATIE (262 843)

Auckland Council Pollution Hotline Phone (09) 377 3107

Marine Assistance

To request help on the water, get in touch with Coastguard Radio via any of the following;

  • Marine VHF Radio – you can view a full list of Coastguard Radio Channels here
  • In distress situations – use Channel 16
  • *500 from your mobile
  • 09 303 1303
Maritime VHF Channels have changed

Check out your local Nowcasting and maritime VHF channels here;

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