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The Shelly Park Cruising Club Inc (SPCC) has been active in the Mangemangeroa Creek since the early 1960s

We share the creek with the Whitford Boating Club which administers the area upstream of the Whitford Bend.

The Auckland Regional Council (ARC) has overall responsibility and we administer for them the section to the “mouth” of the creek.

We take a keen interest in maintaining the environment. The flora and fauna in the creek are very vulnerable to many threats including our own activities. We take our responsibilities for protecting and preserving our environment seriously and ask you to play your part in helping us discharge that responsibility.

Please in particular avoid adding any contaminants or disposing inappropriately any rubbish that will harm, pollute or destroy the beauty of the creek or the grounds that we are privileged to use.

SPCC Promotes Water Safety

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SPCC stands alongside Auckland Coastguard

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